Never have I seen times like this, and you can probably say the same! So what happened on the big much touted fateful day? The night before the 23rd, Trump used the unwarranted SOB vernacular at a venue of his supporters to deride spoiled and childish NFL/NBA players for not supporting their own flag. Far greater men than these disrespectful children died for that flag, yet the fact remains that Trump could have used far better expressions for what he was seeing in the misguided behavior of the players that decided to “take a knee”. The SOB words inflamed them, and even I was shocked that a president would sport such a jab over “entertainment”, when so much else is at stake right now, things that need getting done. It never takes much to set off some people these days, especially post 8 years of Obama’s deliberate incitement of racial issues.

Somewhat disgusted by all parties involved, I went to bed that Friday night. The next morning of the 23rd, I awakened without North Korea having bombed us yet, the rapture had not taken place yet, and the tribulation wasn’t raining meteors from the skies—yet.

The day of the 23rd progressed rather quiet in my neighborhood, as some surely had knowledge of what the date was, and it was tippy-toe central. I think everyone down here in this swamp are just glad Hurricane Maria was still projected to go 100 miles off Hatteras and turn out to sea. We have been threatened and terrorized for most of September by the “for ratings” weather people and needed a breather. Anyway, the 23rd began first light with a strange fog and haze, moved to burning off to blue skies by 10 am, then the skies turned white again, not once, but two more times before dark. I found that somewhat odd. However, this was a day where the news was rife with reports of US bombers practice running the North Korean coastline getting ready for a possible showdown. Trump inexplicably continued to double down on harassing the pro athletes and organizations for not handling their player’s hubristic actions. Insanity reigned! We always say that his mouth is his worst enemy.

I voted for Trump to rid my family of the government tax of Obamacare on our private businesses, which is exorbitant welfare robbery from our pockets to the biggest losers in American history. We voted to protect the 2nd amendment, and see business thrive in the country again. Not altogether thrilled with the package, we voted Trump for many reasons, understanding history that Clinton is part of the deep state New World Order that remains a conspiracy theory for her supporters left out there, but a known reality for the educated, as well a common meme in current news.

After 8 years of the imposter Muslim double agent, the liberals and minorities have so stirred the young Millennials (and any additional oblivious) with promises of endless freebies and social justice, that the white elder with the NY bravado and spray on color causes them to rub biscuits in their hair, while balled up on couches. In their uninformed minds, all that progress that had been made in the country was going to get washed away by an accomplished white golfer that merely loves to taunt losers. It has been the end of the world of sorts early for these people I suppose. For those of us from the slim majority that know what America really was, is, and need be with a sound economy and future, we laugh with Trump, for a few seconds or more anyway, then we wish he would peel some of the vernacular back. Seriously.

Further, most people don’t understand that God put Trump in office based on the presiding spirit and will of the people, as the scriptures show. God uses what and whom He has on hand to accomplish His purposes throughout history, Moses, David, Solomon all flawed men of passions, and boy is Trump proof of that. Trump is a mere finger in the dyke against the globalist new order of communistic values. Sure he is a one term pony, if that, then the hellish world these government freebie people want comes back in to utter fiscal, social, infrastructure calamity and destruction at the hand of Millennials. Many of these kids are too stupid to breathe, or change their own flattened tires. You see these little wrinkled neck smart phone babies, with no radar for evil, are gonna “run like clowns with hatchets on the midway” of your life soon. 2020 for sure, if something is not done. Granted, not all from this generation fill my disdain, but the remarkable among them are far and too few. Unfortunately, these kids were not taught by impassioned WW2 vets or Korean vets about communism, as we were in the 60s and 70s. Many have no clue what side to be on. Never mind Trump told them this is not about race, but respecting flag and country.

So what is it about this schizophrenic dichotomy in America where it appears to be what the founders always said and intended for it to be, where we had become the greatest nation after WW2, but then the 50s beatniks lit the first joint in Greenwich Village, and nearly all things started growing little horns? Infiltration of socialism and communism is what happened. Many people became radicalized with petty obsession about what it means to be cool. We turned outward for overblown considerations of self, feelings, and back to self again— ad nauseum. Christ was no longer the coolest, but we had to be. Organized Christian religion dropped the ball, became infiltrated by change agents, and the grassroots movement that was or is palatable, was slow in reacting.

Of course,twenty some years ago, with the anonymity of social media, many people began to rage their profoundly unrequited lives at one another with impunity. They ditched the golden rule of self-respect, respect of others, for the grating crescendo of loud unabashed disrespect.

Offering solution, the only way people will find brotherhood and oneness of unity is in Jesus Christ, and this will stop the madness of everyone feeling slighted by every little petty thing that someone says. Christians roll with confidence, not caring what others think, a special blessing in times where perhaps half the people are losing their minds. Too, the fact that everyone is talking scared about all the natural disasters and conflict in this world is direct part and parcel to the negativity and hatred currently being sown by at least half the citizens of the world that lack common sense and values of scriptural worth. These disasters are evidence of a universal law of sowing and reaping set in place by God, and in my opinion just got a lot worse on September 23, 2017, like every day, since this date was not special.

We can turn this time to joy and love for our families and wider circle of life by praying for the country like never before. And stand up!