Wild Willful Heart by W. Boone Hedgepeth

Will Willful Heart

Take a wild megalomaniacal trip into the American spiritual and Cultural Revolution of the 1960s-1990s, as a young southern man gives fresh perspective to the propaganda, bad marriages, a collection of strange gurus and some bizarre mystical places. For many years, author W. Boone Hedgepeth was a magnet for unusual occurrences of an ethereal nature which vigorously affected the world around him.

Suffering a life threatening illness and after a near death experience, Boone goes on an adrenalized journey from the American south and across the country seeking answers. Here, force of will and prayer are the proven best weapons against very unusual circumstances. Literally seeking the face of God, the author plunges into the magical medicine of his native ancestors, the new age metaphysical movement, Christian fundamentalism, and other wild and life-changing experiences before coming out of the fires to the other side.

Like a master scrapyard welder, God uses what he has on hand to accomplish His purposes. This means you and every person living! Discover iconoclastic revelations on how you can find the source of healing and fulfillment of the American dream! Stop looking for Mayberry and realize your purpose in all challenges, knowing that the hierarchy of heaven upholds you in all your struggles. Realize the simple solutions that create real change, which leads to peace unsurpassed!

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