Wild Willful Heart by W. Boone Hedgepeth

Excerpts from Wild Willful Heart

Revel in these thought provoking excerpts from my exciting new memoir, Wild Willful Heart, the shocking and informative story of one southern man and his incredible adventures across America, to find the truth of man’s purpose and connection to nature, God and the real self. Have fun with a story told in politically incorrect fashion in the real America, where men are men, and women are strong in their intentional roles.

Back in Camp

With wide-eyed and breathless exasperation, I approached the medicine camp. Coyote Speaks looked at me, concerned, and asked if I was all right. I had severe difficulty speaking English at first (I could not remember how) but finally managed with unreserved angst to rasp forth, “I have seen everything but the kitchen sink.” It was all I could get out. Acting if all of this was commonplace, he nodded knowingly and instructed me to go to the base camp to eat and rest, not to talk too much or get near the moon lodge—the tent that restricted women during their menstrual cycle. (I was told a woman’s “moon-time” was an influence that rivals and interferes with psychic experience.) He also reminded me to avoid looking directly into anyone’s eyes for a while to circumvent transfer or depletions of spiritual power. I thought to myself, Whatever, can we keep the instructions simple? I nodded but said nothing.

Keep this in mind...

Keep this in mind, that my unusual story in this book was compressed to appeal to a larger cross section of people. I am just an authentic person filled with countless flaws just like you. I am not greater than you are, as I am your servant, you are mine, and we are learning simultaneously. I could not place all my stories of faith or trials in this book, and it was exceptionally difficult to select the ones placed herein. I did not tell you the details of how God protected me from two near childhood drownings as I was saving others, of when I was electrocuted on a construction job site, of how I was shot at after bravely interrupting a burglary, of how God prevented a near-fatal plane crash two seconds before I was landing, of how I fell into a pit full of water moccasins without getting bitten, or of how I wrote a six-hundred-page study guide to the Bible. I told you only the truth of the high points.

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