Life has had an unusually high tenor to it most of 2017, though it has been a good year for me overall, and I hope the same for y’all. The wise among us feel the changes though, as well do many of the not so observant, both of which I interview everywhere I travel. As an empath, the crescendo of atmospheric differentiation was felt at the time of the eclipse, and I show that reality in this this email thread between myself and yet another author/empath —

On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 1:56 PM, WBooneHedgepeth wrote:

“Black Hole Sun! We just had it here. I felt pressure on my head and had a headache during the whole thing. Bad sign. Can’t imagine what the effect of all this just is on all the unthinking out there watching it. You are NOT supposed to watch it one way or another. I did not look. Watching from inside the house, it was really eerie, dead silent with strange shimmering amber glows all over the lawn.”

Response from author/empath:

“My entire system is feeling it. I went outside for a brief moment, did not look up, and came back inside. Now, a massive storm is passing through just after the occultation itself. I can feel tingling in my fingers, my head is tight, and my eyes hurt. And my lower back has just begun to ache. The Darkness is here in America officially. No question about it.”

Following this eclipse, the coast of South Carolina where I live, naturally began slowing down from tourist season, as school season reopened. The daytime shadows increased with earnest and temperatures declined off the heat wave right after the eclipse. Even when the sun shined it seemed replete with an odd dimness. My wife ran off to the funeral of a much beloved uncle, and that went as well as could be expected with notable miracles of estranged people coming together, part and parcel of this Jubilee year of massive reconciliation and healing. Thank God there has been so much of that this year, and each one of you should reach out for forgiveness and moving on, it is all for a huge reason that some of you may be aware of. Look up Jubilee year from the biblical perspective for your answer.

Then the Carolina coastal rains came again and there has been way too much of that this summer. Next came hurricane Harvey on Houston, the epic flood event and tragedy. People were starting to get the idea of apocalyptic times upon us, since I was hearing it everywhere, from every venue of communication imaginable.

By the time extended family came for a beach vacation it was the Labor Day week. The weather improved and the family parties, benchmark seafood dinners, and live music pub crawls began. Much laughter ensued amid cocktails, music, profound discussions of politics, spirituality, art, music and current events. There are no taboo subjects in our space. When we pow-wow, we by God pow-wow.

So life was apex fun even with the threat of Irma poised to blow away our state, leaving us homeless and standing in nasty swamp water, even as L.A., parts of Oregon and Montana were on fire, even with Yellowstone having 2500 earthquakes, even with North Korea threatening war, even with too much talk of a civil war, and Sept 11 coming around yet again. At this yearly time of visitors in the home, my wife and I had to gather up all the documents and plan for what to save in the attic, what to take with us in flight to safety. I was going to board up and secure the property and leave if it was a Cat 3 or higher. It put a slight pall on the festivities, having to consider everything you have worked for being decimated. We made the best of things. Lots of prayers against the storm were made.

So after a successful week of vacation, the extended family exited homeward and by that time the storm threat was shifting to Florida. I cannot express the relief, yet the newfound concerns. I am a native Floridian that refuses to live in my home state for many reasons, hurricanes being part of that. However, my mother and maternal family live down on the Tampa area west coast of that state. So all prayers and concerns got shifted to them. And so the next drama began with Florida family in a panic over the conditions that the salacious weather people ginned up as usual, with their over the top fearful projections.

So hurricane Irma hit Florida yesterday and my old stomping grounds Naples got it the worst, yet it not being nearly as bad as they projected, no surprise. The Tampa area found themselves with a strong Category 1 situation. Those can be about as bad as you want it to ever get.

My mother had evacuated to my uncle’s home, but at 3 a.m. the generator blew up and burned his house down, causing them to be re-positioned back at her place. No one was harmed, but it is a terrible situation for him. Here is the amazing thing— her home was built in the 1920s, a craftsman style shotgun that they did not trust for a storm of beyond a Cat 1. We are shocked and amazed that there was no damage whatsoever to her place, and we all praise God for the miracle. Information is scant at this time and they are without power. We are in touch.

Here is the thing about prayer folks, you have to go to the source. The source is not Duddha, Pumpkinhead or the Universe or anything else. You pray and the God of Abraham, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost hears — if it is meant to happen, it will happen. Some things are not meant to occur, but doing nothing, not praying, is really stupid, just like not being a Christian in these times, just like my uncle.

Think about what I am saying for more huge events are coming. Look up September 23, 2017 constellation event. God be with us all.


I was up till 1:15 am last night watching over the house and property since we experienced a tropical storm that none of the weather people started talking about until the evening of the 11th. They don’t know what the hell they are doing and if they do know they really are not saying. Message is don’t trust them. We had over 60 mile an hour winds, coastal flooding and were under tornado emergency from 8pm until 1 am. These are ridiculous times. I spent the evening praying and moving the storm around with the angels of heaven with my hands up in the air utilizing every shred of faith I have. None of this is the absurd and phony climate change meme for the goal of carbon taxes—this is all weather control and God operating on the tenets of Luke Chapter 21:25.


I finally heard from my mother at 7 pm last night. The power had returned to her neighborhood two hours prior. She informed that the storm was nothing like they had said it would be, though a strong Cat 1. No flooding. My uncle’s house had actually been spared though his carport and rental apartment were in ashes. The main house was untouched. In spite of my uncle’s philosophical choices, I had made many prayers for his safety. They had gone 3 days without air conditioning in 90 degree weather and she said it was rough. She had no access to her breathing machine during that period. I cannot adequately express the elation I feel that my mother and extended family in the Tampa area are safe. Like anything disaster related, this tale is proof positive that everyone need be a prepper against the unknown challenges of these uncertain times.