Ah the absurdity of the Charlottesville riots and how bought off deep state media portrays it! Soros funded both sides of the conflict Antifa/United, so wake up people! The game is to demonize the salt of the earth regular tax paying white Americans for a destruction-of–America-civil-war where anyone gets labeled a domestic terrorist. Why Soros is not arrested is the mystery of the age. This is the age of decline and rust it seems.

Being 15/16ths white (Welsh/English descent) and 1/16th (Cherokee/Saponi) and having to listen to the fake media talk incessantly about “white supremacy” is ridiculous, and I bet at least half (the sane non-radicalized Caucasians) the nearly 70% of whites that comprise the population of America feel the same.

I grew up in the south. There is no place else on earth I would ever live, but I have. Down here, we are warm and friendly and actually engage people in conversation beyond sound bytes or 140 characters, because we are full of life and eschew any robotic aims toward making us cold and mechanistic, like so much of the rest of this country. My family has been here in the Carolinas since 1630, fought in the Revolutionary war, both sides of the civil war, and every war since. One side of my family were plantation owners, and another side ran a dangerous leg of the Underground Railroad from southern Alabama. I come from a remarkable history, which I do not have to explain, or justify. My family is educated, entertaining, genteel and when you come to my beautiful house you enjoy the best in middle class surroundings with interesting art, music, bold politically incorrect conversation and premier hospitality in a clean, tastefully decorated southern atmosphere. Cocktails could happen. Laughter will. We will NEVER change, we ain’t doin’ nuthin’ wrong, as the Drive by Truckers song goes.

As a child in the Atlanta and Charlotte schools during civil rights era, I was a victim of one sided black racism from 1968-74. (1974 was when things seem to finally calm down.) During this time I was forced to ramp up my fighting skills, which for me was the one thing good that came of it. The best schools, the best people during that time taught us to accept, and or tolerate one another. Respect, not love. Southern people knew common sense had to apply to the concept of love, and not to throw it around loosely as idiots do these days (like calling people ‘friends” on FB that they don’t really know).  Thank God for the blacks that found their minds, because surprise, they found love and acceptance. One of my best friends from high school is black, and he is one of two persons from that era I remain in touch with. We mutually marvel at the insanity of these times.

Skip to 2017 in South Carolina, where I now live. In my estimation there are perhaps 1-3% of the current population of this state that would qualify as “white supremacist”. Most of them are bull talk and are non-threatening to anyone. The polite southern populace laughs at the things they say in public here and there, and I remind these obsessives to take each person on the planet individually. Currently, I know maybe one white person that would make this “white supremacist” label. One, since the other one went back to New Hampshire.

White/black relations in the U.S. reached a peak in 2008 under GW Bush, even in SC. Too, the Carolinas in that period, received about half the population of the north here (just kidding), most of them escaping what I jokingly term “unfriendliness, eagles and snow.” No credit to GW intended, this peak was merely the endemic nature of the fruits of the capitalist system of onward/upward, how time heals all wounds, which had marginalized the country’s obsessions with color. People trying to make a living had no time for old tired themes.

Then came the Obama administration and all that tolerance changed for the country with his dubious radicalized Saul Alinsky Marxist message. Ah the whining bum thuggie culture finally got the limelight. The message was get on welfare, get on disability, love and pardon all criminals and drug abusers, love all Trojan horse illegal aliens that won’t assimilate, get out and protest for radical causes. Become a socialist, even though this first gear of communism has crashed the economy in every country it ever touched. The college kids did not stand a chance with vampire liberal professors, no real history taught, and they missed the living decline of economy and freedoms of the last few decades by not being alive to experience it. The minorities and old school JFK liberals that bought into this drivel should have known better. They should have known the Democratic Party had failed to make promises again, and had become overtly terrorist. News flash! None of us living were ever slaves in the past, none of us living were ever plantation owners. No one living is due a free ride of reparations or special treatment for a damn thing. My businesses must have hired and fired close to two hundred shitbird employees that would not work in that uninspired depressing period of Obama entropy, most of them affected by the new trends in sanctioned laziness. And it continues.

In this capitalist system, you get off our ass and make something happen, live with respect of other’s history, and get on with it. The only way the races will ever reach true brotherhood is through Christianity. The only way for some radicalized minorities to get over their inferiority complex (self-imposed) is to get educated, work in respectable industry, mind you own business and follow Christ. You would be amazed at the acceptance and love of all people that follows! You have the same opportunities as any. Stop sucking on the limp tit of the lying deep state!

Sane people of America, hear my voice! Ignore the protests building in this country over this staged false flag nonsense. The deep state is trying to pin racism on Trump for unfounded reasons that will not stick. Do not show up to these protest rallies, merely let these fools push each other’s faces in. They all belong to Soros and Obama anyway. Remember that if this gets taken too far there are 62 million Trump supporters unwilling to let Marxists have this country. They have the military, the police and the retired patriots with all the guns and bullets on their side.

Southerners, let the communist wimps take down all the southern monuments, the history cannot be erased. Know this: there is a curse on anyone that removes landmarks, something the ignorant do not know about the Bible and the laws of God. Let them have the fullness. Pray for president Trump, for America, and get on with it.

Here is an excerpt of an email between myself and a southern author/genius that lives near me—

“I’ve been hearing about this all day. All reports twisted into this being no more than a KKK rally being protested by fluffy ‘anti-fascists.’ Tonight, as I listened to my favorite talk show that comes out of Toronto, the narrative had been completely solidified in this regard. Every news reports during commercial breaks painted this as horrible, awful, hideous ‘white supremacists’ running over and beating bloody hell out of these amazing ‘anti-fascists.’

If I wrote fiction that bad, I’d just stop writing.

I believe the alchemical spell that’s been being cast on the West for the last, what, 70 or close years, is complete. The brainwashing is finished. Something catastrophic is all that is left. On the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki last week, Trump declared that Kim’s actions would result in ‘Fire and fury’ and that’s not a coincidence. I’m not criticizing Trump here, it just really hit me when it happened on that day—there really aren’t many choices left. And as this looms closer, the demons just seem to fire up their resolve, and the possessions seem damn near group possessions as this all ramps up. Like Legion is just landing on a group of angry people and wholesale taking over all of them at once.”

My answer:

“You nailed this with every word.  You could mark the evil spell on America at 72 years with the first atomic bomb drop, you could mark it around the mid to late 1950s with creepy Kerouac and the beatniks, either way the awful cheap magic was around before you and I were born. It just does not work for us, and we see it for what it is.

I lived in Charlottesville in 94-95 and it was becoming a looney left town then. Don’t forget that being a little more than a couple of hours outside DC, there are a lot of retired intelligence agency people around. Hmmm. Back then, many white locals had a deep bitterness about UVA, the out of state trust funders that attended, how the whole town pandered to the college of Tommy Jefferson. There were a lot of racists in town of every kind and color. The town had an undercurrent of hate to it. Even the women seemed ready to fight. I had a local girl tell me, “This is a place where the locals are insane or where you come to go insane, leave while you can.” Remember, this is the first town where I remember seeing mixed couples hanging out and dating, and you should have seen the faces of the locals. Strange place of natural beauty this town, heralded as a top gardening city in the US for its rich soil, and to merely visit briefly one would never understand what quickly comes to light in just a few months of living there. Like any SE mountain town without a balanced economy, there is this simmering rage.

However, there used to be this line between being racist, and just speaking up for the self as a Caucasian that surely has been erased in this 2017. I noticed in the news on the web last night the last vestiges of critical thought, as opposed to the wholesale mainstream diatribe of vitriol against whites. This whole Charlottesville incident shows evidence of mass demonic possessions, no surprise to me it is this lovely all American looking city for staging. Just like a Stephen King plot.