Happy Mother’s Day 2017. Sorry, it has been awhile, I have been busy with work and spring. I promise this post is juicy and will not disappoint. Those of you weak and offended by every little thing, just check out right now. I am more than a little upset. I am a real southern American of good stock, six and half feet tall, tax payer, marketing copywriter, businessman, and a man of iron truth. My wife and I are people that pros be counted on to get things done. We are people of order that do not suffer fools gladly. Being direct in all my communications with the public in this incredibly nutty time is something I have embraced since the New Year. Too many people were not getting the message loud enough, otherwise hearing what they want to. I have always been honest and direct my whole life, and now people are getting just enough of the enchilada everywhere I go. It is time.Time for many reasons.

First I thank all my readers of Wild Willful Heart. Those of you that find the book are meant to read it. This is an incredible true story of a life well lived with few regrets. It is the tale of pain and the struggling battle over illness and evil, where the good guy wins. The story is a great narrative set on volume eleven to put you in my shoes and make you think, think. There is nothing dull or average about the incredibly supernatural aspects of the story. It is a world most have never seen. Many thanks to all of you on Twitter driving the sales of the book, and for the following, which is ever growing. Those of you from the medical community, and Christians unaware of the power of God to heal, Jesus Christ began His ministry to the world with essentially a 40 day vision quest. A vision quest engaged by a faithful person will find healing for any condition and there are all kinds of methods where this can be employed. Think. My story will and does give hope to families suffering from mental and spiritual crisis.

I hate talking about this, but have to since it has interrupted everything from the economy to social interaction since the election. The current political situation in America has reached a ridiculous proportion of hubris. I can’t stand the TV anymore, and I bet you feel the same. I am a registered independent for decades that has pretty much always eschewed the Democrat and the Republican parties. I vote my conscience, never impressed by party politicians. I voted against Obama both times, seeing that the Democrats had fallen to an illuminist entity of deliberate wrecking and destruction. By the time of the Republicans putting McCain in as a contender, I figured out the Republican Party had fallen to the same deep state cabal. The New World Order is not just a conspiracy, it is conspiratorial reality. The Bible shows it is coming.

Trump came along to block the reprehensible Clinton criminal, and though he was a brassy Yankee I voted for him. (I wish to appreciate all the Yankees that come south and assimilate with grace, I keep an open mind). I know the Bible very well as any good American should, and I saw him as a Nehemiah or a Hezekiah, to slow the tide of communism and evil that is still sweeping the country. Knowing the patterns of history and that communism never works anywhere, ever, I held my breath, promoted Trump and voted for him.

Something liberals and conservatives have to understand is that your parties have been overtaken by global vampires. I told libs before the election to calm down, Trump will get in there and be able to do perhaps 1/3 of what he wants to do, and that it would not be anything but biz as usual, for the better part. I was right and wrong. No matter what one thinks of Trump, such as he is, with God alone, he is stemming the tide of evil such as the world has never seen.Remember, God uses what He has on hand to perform His miracles.

God help us when the Millennials take over (said to be in 5 years), because they understand so little about the Bible, American history, or history in general. (I wish to appreciate the Millennials that do not fit this description, like my own children). My generational boomers that raised them were so busy trying to be cool and make a living that we allowed the schools to make many of these kids into sniveling weinies, for the better part. The schools went ultra-liberal (in the 90s) in direct violation of scriptural and historical patterns of true goodness and liberty intended for American continuity. There was all this revisionist history promoted by radicals of every color, when life and continuity from God intended for us raise our children to know God and Christ, and how the Holy Ghost works.

Parents must always work, support their children, and sacrifice to make better lives for the next generation, if there is to be one. If you are American you can teach kids patriotism and going on to higher ed, the military, or trade school to make sure they can earn a living for their own family. There are to be no whiners and no victims in America. The government does not solve your problems for you. And so the schools created a bunch of weak, liberal brats that think travel, hooking up, and hating the hand that feeds them is cool and acceptable. When they get fat and lazy in their 40s they can apply for disability, and a compromised lawyer will ensure a disability check. They are all over my middle class neighborhood and yours. They were in the last neighborhood I lived in and yours. Disgusting. They read this post and have no idea of whom I speak, wow. It is always someone else huh?(This has nothing to do with those that deserve disability checks).

Antifa losers, communists, radical Muslims, pink hats, the liberal media, the liberal communist professors, illegal aliens, BLM reprobates, disability bums do not make America great. The communism you support will fail and leave the country in ashes. Are you suicidal? There must be rule of law. If you go too far with your anarchy, you will see opposition like you have never seen before in the history of this world. You don’t have the training for it. You don’t have right on your side, nor the Holy Ghost for the win.

I must add that I salute the black people I know that make a difference for peace and work to provide for rule of law families. Thank God some of you actually know the Civil War ended over 150 years ago, and that none of you have chain scars. Thank you for being responsible.

Democrats still clinging to loss, do you not see the shame of your alliance with George Soros, and communist anarchists on the dole? Think!

Too, radical Muslims, here is notice, you will not harass American women or Christians like in Europe. This is your only warning.

And lets not forget the Trump supporters, pay attention—the election is over, you won, for now. Peel back the rhetoric and the goading will you? Don’t you think 6 months of taunting the liberals is enough? Things need to settle down on your side. Dignity for the high principles that this nation was founded upon need prevail. If the commies take things a bridge too far, you will know what you must. Until then show shining restraint, hold the line please. Let them show their ass, as they are shamefully doing.

However, do realize that when Trump is done, early or later, the deep state New World Order moves in, and causes the final destruction of America, it is biblical and eventually does happen.I honest to goodness hate to tell you that, but I have the intelligence, research and scriptures to prove it. I will send you one terrifying link, put the kids to bed so they don’t hear your cries. I did all my crying in 1998, when I discovered the research that no minister or anyone else has ever debunked.They cannot. And you won’t ask because you don’t want to know.

Time is truly short people. Do the things you always wanted to do, publish your book, heal all breaches with those needed, build your walls if you must, but for God’s sake start communicating with one another with decency and respect, in more than 140 characters. Make your decision for Christ today, I promise it is the only peace you are ever going to know. All you have to say is I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Do you realize that a person with the spirit of antichrist cannot say that? It can only be said by the power of the Holy Ghost if one means it. Think.Act.

I am always available to respectfully talk or advise you on healing from cults, delivering oneself from evil, or healing in general at boone@wboonehedgepeth.com please speak with candor and thank you.