Here is the new interview with the author W. Boone Hedgepeth, conducted by author Carey Henderson (creator of the Amazon 5 star books, Cade: A Story in Eleven Parts and Aeon of Wonder: Stories of gods, angels and men Volume 1).

The first time I read Wild Willful Heart, it was something akin to being thrown into the middle of a literary war zone; the immediate challenge being to accept the current surroundings as being precisely what you’d built for the reader. The experience of reading the book was personal, sometimes almost visceral, as you pulled no punches, and the whole wagon-train runs full speed, no brake. How difficult was it to put so much of yourself out there and basically dare the reader to believe you?

Real life is a bit of a meat grinder at times. Around eighteen years old, it was prescient when I started collecting these stories of incredible supernatural events in a shoe box. I can remember laughing about it, knowing that there was much more to come. It would have been a betrayal of that premonition to not tell the tales as they happened. As a journalism student, I knew that in great stories the self has to be turned wrong side out and back, for it to be worth a damn. That is always a terrifying decision. In that process I came to realize that I no longer cared what people thought of me as a whole, and that I needed to look at how many millions of suffering people would benefit. You can’t please everyone, though adults need to read this iconoclastic work for the soul shift alone. The right people will believe the story because it was written for them, the rest will have it speak in a subconscious and highly beneficial manner that will haunt them forever. In a way not planned, it is a profound survival manual all on the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental planes all at once.

As you put the whole story together over time, were there ever moments when you questioned whether or not to put it all out there?

Many times over the years, I debated whether or not to publish. This time it happened just a week before print. I had three awful seconds of doubt, but certain apex political and cultural conditions in America made me realize it was now or never. I knew people needed this information for events coming up.

When you look back on the events in this book now, events of your own life, is there a sense that it is all surreal? That perhaps the Boone in that wild tale is someone you know that you were once, but the identity feels more like a distant memory?

Sure it all seems a bit strange to me. Imagine having to transcend these events to be able to work or seem normal to others. It was strange that one day I was faced with an epic cliffhanger and the next I was back in the unreal world working the day job. Oh and that Boone of the story is very much alive in the present, just older, happier, wiser and more domesticated by choice.

 What does it feel like today, looking back at a life not all that dissimilar to Chris Carter’s Fox Mulder?

Love some X-Files and Mulder! Actually, I was far more like Frank Black in the show Millennium, if you recall that one. I always had this brooding edge to me as I was always on guard against evil or some kind of drama appearing. Anyway, today is wonderful and likely tomorrow, I know to always pray and project good things into the future, yet I am ever vigilant since I know things can change rapidly as the Lord wills. Things are good because we make them good, and when they are flowing well we must embrace it, feel it, take it all into the soul. It may be what gets you through the next life changing event. Looking back, I am happy to have survived it all, and very grateful to God for the grace!

Without giving away too much of Wild Willful Heart, you’ve had many experiences with the spiritual world. How has this informed your view of the physical world around you?

There are spirits all around us every day and night. I feel, sense and sometimes see them. I always have, and have had to get used to it. It causes one to walk in some degree of caution and be very selective of people, situations, and places. It disturbs me greatly that many have no idea, or have a flippant attitude about such matters. If people knew—they would ALL be Christians. The bad news is that over the years of maturity I have seen the world move toward occultism in many forms, and at least half of America is suspect of having negative spiritual influences in their lives, whether pagan or not. The good news is that many are waking up and coming back to grassroots Christianity.

How do you treat the demonic realm these days? Do such things unnerve you, or do you take them head-on, knowing what you know and have experienced?

That is never anything to play with or underestimate. I fashion my existence around prayer and life affirming rule of law activities like work, cooking, shopping, restauranting and reading the Bible. I read the Bible every night before bed, as it clears the mind and places the dream state in the hands of the angelic and revelatory. I call Michael the archangel into the property. Everyone should do the same, everyone.

Best I can find, every single ideology of Paganism returns to Babylon. Trace it however you like, the common thread always returns to that Great City of Man. In your own travels with the esoteric, what are your thoughts here?

Oh it is a real herd think out there being pushed through marketing of every type. Babylon is anything that can be embraced or purchased that is antithetical to God and biblical values, anything you don’t need. Things designed to specifically remove you from God. It also comes with the idea that acquiring more and more material things make you a better pioneer of your own destiny, and that special world only you can create, making each one of us the next mini-Nimrod of cool to be emulated by the average, the envious, and the hot chicks alike. It is why so many people are miserable—the car, the vacation, the house they bought to be seen of men has not filled the empty hole in their soul. They miss the point that one of the big secrets to a great life is to not run with the pack, and to get rid of everything you simply do not need. You are thus left with only noteworthy and essential things, living within your means. Everything that modern society is desperate for is completed in a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

Suppose there might be a devout Mormon in our audience today reading this interview. What would you say to this person, Boone?

I would tell them to look at how liberal the church is becoming (they will know what I mean). I would also tell them to look at the influence of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Charles T. Russell influence in the church. I would remind them of the Mormon bomber story of the 1980s, and how supposedly infallible leaders were duped by forged documents. I would ask them to do an honest outside the church investigation into the theft of the Solomon Spalding manuscript. I would tell them to investigate the freemasonry aspects of their temple rituals with a multiplicity of easily accessible outside sources. Their church is not telling the truth.

What was it that finally drove you away from the Church of Latter Day Saints?

There were many reasons to leave, but first you have to open your eyes to the lies around the history of the church. That should be enough for anyone. Everyone needs to realize that the same can be applied to virtually any so-called organized religion, because most of them have either been founded, or later infiltrated by corrupt leaders long ago.

Were you all that surprised when, in your first Vision Quest, you were given a vision of a Globalist Order that seeks to control the populous of humanity?

That was a real aha moment! It did surprise me quite a bit, but made perfect sense. At 33 years of age, I had been questioning since childhood how most people in positions of power were pure smoke and mirrors, just like the Wizard of Oz. I studied history at one of the best universities in America, and found more a few inconsistencies in the actions of key leaders and their plans for America, and the rest of the world. People have to stop being slaves to bogus individuals of wealth and power, those that are privileged and build nothing themselves.

What did your time with the Church of Latter Day Saints, as well as your time with American Indians, give you in terms of how you see this world we inhabit?

The Mormons want to strip down your individuality to be a slave to the beehive community. I learned to never be a joiner of any club or group ever again, especially an organized religion. It made me intrinsically aware of the cult of personality in big organizations and the corporate rah-rah people. In dealing with them, one realizes the great lengths to be undertaken to break their programming. I can smell an institutional thinker a mile off now, and can make the quick decisions to either show them the hand, or shatter their illusions. I did learn from the Mormons, that we have to apply hard discipline to certain aspects of life to achieve success. I have become a person of hard tack, have always been honest, and my world is a place of rule of law. I do it to be different than most other Americans, which I often find disheveled, unfulfilled, passive aggressive and childish, and this especially best applies to the younger generations now. The whole American Indian fundamentalism thing was quite different. I had related to the natural earthiness of the Indians from my youth, had some of the blood in me, as well as stories in the family. At 30 years of age I had to start to understand the details. It was an amazing journey for me, and something I did completely alone, which was best. The Indian years gave me a deep understanding of nature and what its healing connection to man. I also learned the dangers. This life period was far more beneficial to me than the Mormon times. The Indians operate in a world of dark and light spirits that is incredibly dangerous, and I saw that it was their way of things. Contrary to what people think, most medicine people are not entirely in control of their interactions with these wanton spirits. I saw things so frightening that most folks would just keel. Many of those stories did not make the book. One thing I know, Christ protected me the whole time, it was a quantifiable reality that was profound. I know this world is full of spirits both good and bad that feed on our shortcomings and our strengths. You better be prayerful and strong.

This Western World we inhabit is so packed to the gills with pseudo-intellectual pabulum, information without context, and nonsense that John and Jane Q. Public find little recourse but to panic most days. Having experienced what you have, what would you say here?

The panic they experience is in direct correlation to how they react to things like children, and whether or not they have a personal relationship with Christ. Once you have that spiritual connection, in any crisis stay calm, breathe, think, concentrate and then act quickly. If you are not a Christian, become a grassroots variety, for me that means worshiping God and Christ from home as a base and outward to the world. Read the Bible every day and see what happens to your life. Pray constantly for protection and good will in your circle of life. If they are unteachable, get all the losers out of your life that don’t understand anything of real consequence. Weigh everyone, every little thing in your life in the balance, and then simplify your existence.

Our Western Culture is now filled with many weak people who would as soon accept the guilt and shame heaped on them by our politically-correct world rather than stand up to any of the charade. Men have become weak, lacking the fortitude to simply be what they are, which is men. Did these aspects of our current culture inform Wild Willful Heart?

Very little of this climate of political correctness was or is part of my upbringing. I was raised by an Army drill instructor/entrepreneur that became a millionaire twice. I know what a badass real man is supposed to be like. This PC nonsense was promoted in the schools after I left. All I can say is that many men in this country are going to have to find some fortitude pretty quick for events coming up fast.

Conformity is the name of the game in America and the West. But this is not healthy, nor is it what the heart within us desires. What does that human heart desire, Boone?

To conform is to be the cuckolded milquetoast. People engage in superfluous activities of great expense and financial burden to themselves and their families, seeking some miracle of happiness. When what they are predominantly seeking, is a connection to the love of God. The ability to love God supplants the terror of God. The love from God is a glowing reassurance that no matter what happens, life has peace in the storms, coupled with an eternity of grace and beauty. All free gifts to the willing.

In our comfort zone culture, we want everything right now, with as little effort as possible. But this is not Reality, and so long as we try taking this road, we fail. Where does true change in our lives resonate from? I believe it begins at the moment that we see ourselves as we truly are, and from then on desire change. How about you?

Nothing happens without work. Most people are miserable because they are in the wrong field of work. I agree with you, until you know your strengths and weaknesses, until you have met the true self and come to terms with that, everything will continue as struggle. It could continue anyway, but you’ll certainly have better knowledge to deal. Once you understand who you are, you can find what you are meant to be doing, to fund your life more efficiently.

Many in our Western Culture are without hope. Where do you find hope in this mad society that we live within?

Jesus Christ. Try Him, you’ll like Him.

 You and me both believe in the so-called Angelic View of Genesis 6, as well as being proponents of the Book of Enoch. How did you arrive at the conclusion that this is the correct view of the Scriptures?

In the mid-90s, I got my first home computer and began doing nightly Bible research. I ran across some studies on the subject and became fascinated. One day, I was standing outside a book store in Naples, Florida, and the Holy Ghost told me to go inside and buy a copy. So I went inside, and sure enough they had one copy. So right off the bat I acquired the book by supernatural means. Next, I learned that in the historical sense, it was found a third time in the late 1940s, at the Qumran caves, showing that the Essenes revered the book in early New Testament times.

When you go over the events of your life, including the things that you saw in your Vision Quests, how does Genesis 6, as well as the Book of Enoch, intertwine those memories?

In many ways. The beast I ran across on vision quest, as depicted in Wild Willful Heart is just one story. There were incidents in childhood as well. These demons are hunters of men’s souls, and they are out stalking all humans.

I am of the belief that the Angelic View of Genesis 6, as well as an understanding of the events of the Book of Enoch, are necessary in many ways toward understanding both Old and New Testament Hebrew prophecy. What are your thoughts?

God warned the Israelites about the curses that come outside of serving Him. They were not to accept false gods or the religion of the Baals, or pass their children through the fires to Molech. Both before and since the sacrifice of Christ for all mankind’s sins, any religion outside of Christianity is Baal worship. These religions have the god of forces, or demonic demi-gods of the pre-flood era that answer their prayers. These entities make many persons outside of Christianity believe they are connecting to God, when they are not. It is that simple. Right now, there is an incredible scale of warfare between angels and demons in the heavenlies. Many of the strange sky sounds being heard worldwide is this warfare. Huge terrestrial events are happening on earth, with more to come very soon. People have to wake up, and get on the right team.

If we are, in fact, within the realm of the End Times, what should the Christian who believes beyond dogmatic Churchian ideas do in order to prepare for the days ahead?

We have been in the last days for 2,000 years, and the Bible makes that plain in the New Testament. Christ is to return to earth right after those years. I have been in business all my life and people are the worst I have ever seen them in the last couple of years. That is a sign to me. It is hard to trust anyone. As we know there are fires and floods across the nation like never before. We have a communist revolution brewing under the nose of a sitting president. Right now, everyone of right mind should be supporting Trump, such as he is, because God put him in office as a temporary reprieve from the new world order Babylonian state. God did this for Americans, and the whole world. Remember, I make it clear in Wild Willful Heart that God uses what and who He has on hand to achieve his purposes! There was no one else to stand in the gap against pure evil, but Trump. God has given us a brief break from the deep shadow government (the demi-god worshipping pedophile/alternative lifestyle totalitarian system), to give people time to embrace Christ, clean up their lives before the rapture and a very hellish tribulation period. This is a great time for all liberals to look in the mirror knowing they voted for hell, get over their shock of what they have done, and embrace Christ!

Within the pages of your fascinating book, Wild Willful Heart, I found an adventure. One that challenged me and changed me for the better. I appreciate you spending this time with me, Boone, and I hope that your work continues beyond this adventurous first book. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Thank you for your appreciation of Wild Willful Heart, I know that those that make the time to read it will be empowered beyond their wildest expectations!

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W. Boone Hedgepeth thanks Carey Henderson and the staff at Speakeasy (x) Politically for approaching him for this interview.