Southern Fangdrippin’ Words of Wisdom

I can say exactly what I want about the American South, being generational, the real deal southern. My family was here in 1630, fought the Revolutionary War, both sides of the Civil War and every war since. This gritty south is a fangdrippin’ place of mossy decay and lunacy, bold and joyful laughter and pride in the good people of the land, both black, white and whatever. This heritage is rife with melodramatic and profoundly realistic notions of love and tragedy. We are the ultimate heavy footed exaggerated ham steaks, campier than Shatner’s worst peacock acting, with an over the top self-assertion that “don’t give a shit” ‘bout this or that. Ah! But there is so much we do care about! I would never live any place else.

Down here in the south you find there are all kinds of folks, from the good old Christian couple still canning goods and minding their own business, the rare Rhett Butler iconic soul, the common Bubbadubba shit weasel, the beautiful belle to be prized, the loudly caustic bleach blonde bar wench in the camo bikini, and the skeeter family that paints their trailer cobalt blue with stolen paint from a job site, there are all types and shades…sadly some gone forever.

One haunting personality type faded from our eyes by the seventies. The fake societal pressure of modern self-censoring had silenced those spontaneous preachers in the streets and sidewalks, the wild haired Old South iconic messengers jumping atop dumpsters to draw a crowd. In the sixties, there was always some jacked up soul spouting scriptures in public. I miss it because they were a collage of awe inspiring diversion, often edifying yet sometimes downright joltingly scary. Instilling pride in Jesus without the puff and a sense of duty without rigidity, they slammed down the WORD with style and warning. It made us think, mouths open. People were touchy feely back then and one could get grabbed by the shoulders for emphasis. Lots of folks running forward to get healed.

And dear God look at us now! The astute among us know what 2017 is, it’s like where all the trouble started with Nimrod and the tower, yet some people don’t want to read or talk about any Babylonian deep state. They act like it is not happening or really don’t know, way above their grasp. Probably half the country recognizes the criminals aren’t hiding anymore, the other half, nuttier than a truck stop fruitcake, supports their cause with personal values in league with the dark side. These so called “tolerant and loving “people were brought along by radical schools, social media, popular cultural distractions, and their own lack of the love of truth.

So I know this Christian friend with lots of leftist associates, he tells these friends, ‘my vote for Trump was simple, it was a vote against the establishment’. Some still don’t have a clue, but they can read more about some of the insidious roots of the occult establishment it in my new book, Wild Willful Heart.

One can’t understand true liberty and freedom without being taught history, which is a big part of the overall disconnect in American society right now. In the 60s and 70s, we were taught by WW2 and Korean vets with battle service, today many young professionals were schooled by Boomers that fought the struggle of the bong dukey clog at the Aerosmith show back in ‘76. Inevitably, our Millennials and those younger were born into this time for a purpose, and I have far more than a simple theory of why. God never likes losing any of us to oblivion, but He knows His own before they are born. Everywhere I go I have strong words for the young to look around at what is happening—- the corrupt establishment you were supposed to oppose is attempting to retake your country. You may not have time to get wisdom, but the road to buy time to the attainment of wisdom comes first by waking up!

Wisdom is a conglomerate of years of proper instruction and varied experience among the intelligent and right thinking that leads to smart. It dwarfs the institutional thinking of the university trained where knowledge is test out, test out, certification and soon forget. The pinnacle of wisdom is always by the power of the Holy Ghost, and as you remain in the will of God you are added to, and never forget.

Wisdom is the greatest gift as the Bible says, the thing to be sought more than anything in this life. It is the prize of the years, offering a better way to live. More precious than a second mountain home by a river, or any imaginable thing, it is the ultimate place of grace and the sublime position of choice. Wisdom does not usually arrive without gray hairs, and may not come because of their appearance.

As wisdom of years comes in, you no longer need exert yourself in misguided guesswork. That knowing satisfaction tells you things like, ‘you don’t need this—you have done it before— and it is all the same’, thereby saving oneself the awkwardness of the Groundhog Day loop. One also learns to enjoy stone cold silence and appreciate the relative peace in your neighborhood. With wisdom you learn to take better care of health. You learn to push yourself to seek perfection in your work. Thus you work smarter. You do things the right way. No need to be a star, but you do have to be realized for consistent high standards. You boldly tell worthy people that you can be counted on and you prove it every day. Seeking only the best for you and yours, you learn to select only top people in your circle and cut the rest loose. You know who is blustering, making unproveable claims and know WHY they do it. By their fruits you shall know them—it is what they do— not what they say. You become direct in speech and have zero need for dramas. When you are in the will of God you cannot care what anyone thinks of you, you march forward. When you are not in that will, you better care.

Realizing the fading light of time, you know to leave something behind as proof of life. Wisdom makes one begin to realize the heaven and hell of all things and start making serious plans. You start to imagine facing God on judgment day to account of the difference you made, what side of the line you stood on and you come to realize it better be the right one.

The people that need this information the most —always think you are talking to someone else—unless you are direct.

I repeat, they always think you are talking to someone else.