Wild Willful Heart was not written to fill America’s woodlands full of hippies doing vision quests. My book is a testament to a man’s unusual path to the iron truth of Jesus Christ. You don’t have to turn yourself wrong side out and back again like I did to get real life answers. My story makes the solid case for everyone to go directly to the source in prayer. Yes, you can safely do this from home!

Prayer in Christ will heal your body, mind and spirit. It can change your physiology in defiance of any dreaded diagnosis of medicine. If it is meant to. Understand that some part of our existence is to know the growth lessons that comes in tribulations. Sometimes your number is up. However, through prayer one can find solutions to problems, move things that need moving, and know peace in an insane world.

My favorite time of day is the 11th hour when I get in bed in the stillness of night and read the Bible. It controls the monkey mind and washes away the events of the day. It sets up your dreams for revelation and you’ll often awaken with a profound realization of something key to your existence. I read the Bible cover to cover at least once a year and am currently on my 45th reading. It gives me rule of law, new knowledge and remarkable possibilities. It will do the same for you.

For those seeking safety and security you cannot have it without prayer. Here is one huge reason why— according to the Population Reference Bureau there have been 108 billion persons that have already lived their lives on earth. When Lucifer fell to earth he brought one third of the host of heaven with him. They are here. That means there are 35.6 billion evil spirits here with 7 billion living humans at any given time. That means there are no less than 5 bad angels assigned to destroy your life! The only way to protect yourself is prayer in the authority of Jesus Christ. These spirits are terrified of Jesus Christ and NOTHING else.

Rough people are everywhere now. People that don’t pray often have spirits in them. The other day at work a black late model pickup pulling a new black utility trailer pulled onto the RV lot. He had obviously rented a space. I made quick survey—illegal dark tint, obese guy driving with tats up and down arms 55-60 years of age, scraggly beard hanging down. All of these features are common sights here on the coast with the motorcycle crowd. Then I got a sense of evil coming out of the truck. Whoosh! I waved to be friendly, and to coerce him into talking so I could further investigate. No wave back. He pulled away and went to the rental office. My father and I go to lunch. We return one hour later, the truck is gone and the trailer is in a space in the back corner. Two days later there are three cop cars by this trailer. It had been stolen by the scooter trash in the truck. Cops already had him in the pokey. The Holy Spirit had warned both of us about the truck driver.

Seems like a lot of people these days are embracing a spiritually oppressive anarchy to get what they want. If you are living oppressed you can free yourself by becoming a Christian. It will not happen any other way.

You can do whatever you want as long as it is the right thing for right reason in the framework of rule of law. Is what you are doing in the will of God?

Do you pray at all? Do you pray for the right things in Jesus Christ? If you are supplicating the God of Dude-da, Puddinhead or Pumpkinhead just stop right there. Jesus has all authority because He died on the cross for your sins, no other God, prophet, or politician ever did the same, nor ever will! Go to the source of all goodness and power—- then watch for great things to happen in your life. Don’t be sour, bitter and bench-press this rough world alone.