With great pleasure I make my first blog post.

I may not be like anyone you have ever met before, but the amazing part is that I am just a regular guy. The book was not written to become a guru—-I am just a Southern American raised in the fun and free 1970s that grew up always seeking a greater awareness. With me you can pow-wow and munch pizza. I will entertain you, make you laugh with sardonic wit and have a million incredibly vivid tales to tell.

Relax, my book is not a self-help meat grinder, I despise those things. This book is tornadic tale of very unusual conflict and resolution. Wild Willful Heart will knock your socks off with possibilities for you to do anything you want to (that is good and noteworthy). You don’t need anyone but God working through your iron will faith and honest heart. When you do the right things for the right reasons everything will be filled with beauty even through life challenges.

The wisdom of timeliness requires an elevated awareness that comes through prayer and listening and watching for answers that will come. Be open to the revelation of God.

Recently, as I reflected on what is so timely about Wild Willful Heart the Lord showed me some things.

Everywhere I look in popular culture, I am seeing similar themes and subjects that parallel my book.

Wild Willful Heart is super timely for many reasons. For instance, cable TV shows like the highly rated Taboo on FX features a protagonist of mystical proportions that has American Indian blood, has convened with the natives and returned homeward to resolve conflicts.

I recently read an article about how people are reading books about mental illness conflict resolution, hence the popularity of the eight Carrie Fisher books. We will be talking SOLUTIONS in this blog.

The Leah Remini Scientology show is informative and rather popular. Though I find it hard to watch because of the parallels I can draw in my experiences in Mormonism, people love a good wacky cult story these days.

Hacksaw Ridge, Oscar nominated film for this year, depicts a Christian doing amazing feats of personal salvation for fellow soldiers. Just like in my book, miracles do happen in this modern age for average people. I will post more on this in the future.

On the dark side of the supernatural, the massive popularity of the horror genre in books and movies are ably mirrored by the first-hand accounts in Wild Willful Heart. How is true horror possible? Because the Bible shows that in the miraculous are holy angels, but there are also monsters of evil. I will make some future blog posts on this disturbing subject.

In this blog I will be telling remarkable stories of every type and color that did not make into the book.

So let’s tally this— Christian themes; Native American mystical themes; paranormal themes; modern cultural themes of the good and bad side of American life with comical reflection and solutions—all found in my timeless book Wild Willful Heart. May it inspire you, open your heart and kick your ass!

If you liked the book write me a more than one paragraph review on Amazon.

Too, if you have questions after reading—just email me.